The 365 Day Challenge

My goal is to create something every day using something from my craft cupboard. I am a self-confessed fabric addict and just love to fossick through thrift shops and find treasures.

So here goes. Live, love, recycle and get crafting.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Days 179 - 182

Hello lovely people. Back from our wonderful travels now and trying to  catch up. Suffering from some post travel blues today after such a wonderful experience and amazing family time. First post is the three days in Bangkok and the plane trip home, where miraculously all four children slept for 8 of the 9 hours.

Photo 1 - a raft made from bottle tops, a little stuffing, Liam's picture and a paper umbrella. For floating around in the pool on. Unfortunately it sunk, but luckily no one was harmed during the photographing of this craft.

Photo 2 - toothpick and bottle top spinning top. Difficult to photgraph but it worked and looked pretty good.

Pic 3 - toothpick fort. I was running out of materials and toothpicks were readily available. 

Pic 4 - The lovely staff at our hotel printed out the monkey for us and we made this monkey with bendable pipe cleaner arms on the way home. A little bit cute?