The 365 Day Challenge

My goal is to create something every day using something from my craft cupboard. I am a self-confessed fabric addict and just love to fossick through thrift shops and find treasures.

So here goes. Live, love, recycle and get crafting.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 249 - A Dylan Timeline

The day of Mr D's birthday has now arrived and we had a beautiful family breakfast this morning letting the bigger 2 go to school a little bit late. Then we are going to a local winery for a lovely lunch overlooking the vineyard. It's going to be a lovely day celebrating a wonderful year.

I made a Dylan timeline to mark the day by choosing a photo from each month of his life so far, some scraps of fabric, some tshirt yarn, and pegs. It runs down our long hallway in the middle of the house.

Here is the cake for the family. I'll be making another one tonight for his little party tomorrow. This one has a '1' for Dylan and a loveheart for each of the other members of the family to whom he has given so much already.

And here are some photos of our morning so far. Opening his present and having a breakfast of peach and chocolate fondues, pancakes and freshly squeezed juice.

Have a day full of love everyone.

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  1. Wow 1 already for such a cute little man. Love his car very cute. Love Lilybellexx