The 365 Day Challenge

My goal is to create something every day using something from my craft cupboard. I am a self-confessed fabric addict and just love to fossick through thrift shops and find treasures.

So here goes. Live, love, recycle and get crafting.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 88 - Living in the 80's - Part 1

I'm a child of the 80's. It was a time of swap cards, footy cards, bmx bikes, coca cola yoyo's, pac man, space invaders, big hair, even bigger hair, the Rubik's cube, fluorescent socks, Top gun, care bears, the smurfs, strawberry shortcake, and other awesome stuff. I lived it and loved it. For me there was also Stefan Edburg, Dolly magazine, INXS, Pseudo Echo, Wham! and Michael Jackson.

This week I'm going to have heaps of fun and do 7 days of 80's inspired treasures. There is so much to draw on.

So the I could not go past shrinking chip packets and shrinkies for my first flashback to the eighties.

I would welcome any comments from other eighties kids or eighties crafters. What were some of your favourite eighties items? My Mum and I used to make gumnut jewellery, covered tissue boxes and notebooks, and fimo jewellery. What did you make? Do you have any favourite eighties fashions?

My eldest son was home sick yesterday and went crazy making these shrinkies, my 2 year old less so but he did make a couple and give them to his friends.

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And I thought today why not go right back to eighties fever and shrink some chip packets. And just because I could, I made a pretty ugly twisties packet magnet by gluing the magnet from another broken fridge magnet to my shrunken twisties packet. The shrink chip packets all you do is put them in the oven on a low temperate  (about 160 degrees ) and watch them shrink to the desired size. Who did this as a kid?

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