The 365 Day Challenge

My goal is to create something every day using something from my craft cupboard. I am a self-confessed fabric addict and just love to fossick through thrift shops and find treasures.

So here goes. Live, love, recycle and get crafting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 72 - Sweater refashion to skirt and leg warmers.

My favourite person to make things for has to be my 5 year old daughter. She just loves everything I make and showers my creations with compliments and exclamations of beauty. Today was no different.

I found this 100% cotton knitted sweater at the op shop for $2 and made it into a skirt and leg warmers. It's so easy! She couldn't wait to put it on with her tap shoes as well. I think it's a little loose around the hips so I will be fixing that up by taking it in a little - once I can get her to take it off. I think I might have to wait until she's at school. By the way, she's holding her hands like that so everyone can see her beautiful bangles ;).


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous shaz. Love today's project well done. Juliet your bangles look fabulous. Love Lilybellexxxx

  2. Don't tell your Mum I said this ;) but you should try this one Lilybelle. Keep an eye out at the op shops for some jumpers to use. x

  3. Thanks shaz. I sure will keep an eye out. Love Lilybellexxxx