The 365 Day Challenge

My goal is to create something every day using something from my craft cupboard. I am a self-confessed fabric addict and just love to fossick through thrift shops and find treasures.

So here goes. Live, love, recycle and get crafting.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 343 - A chalk board wall

Judging from the amount of chalk dust that now covers my entire house, the chalkboards from yesterday were an 'epic success'. Liam has been using his endlessly to draw minecraft worlds, his latest obsession.

I thought why not just do a whole wall? Well, part of one anyway. I had the prefect spot where Mr D decided to draw on the wall during the week with a whiteboard marker, and not all of it came off with sugar soap. As you can see the whiteboard where I write everyone's weekly schedule has been hijacked, so I'm hoping this can be just used by me now.

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